The artisan tradition of Tuscan leather processing and leather and a meeting with the most modern technology was born Maison Gabriel . And it is here , thanks to the passion for our products, we have developed a line of high- quality and high added value, ranging from production to marketing .

The company has, and will more and more the function of a “service” flexible for many customers who need even a single character support stylistic , research materials and mainly of realization of models and collections . The function of the “service” has become in a short time one of the critical steps of the construction of a product . Many fashion companies , especially those of clothing are now obliged to also bet on a new type of business for them which is that of leather , yet are not organized and structured to develop this type of product and that’s why They prefer to rely on the direct experience of our company . Our company has a department within its company and subsidiary dedicated specifically to this type of service .

Our production is handled both inside and outside the company . Internally they are produced in addition to the samples even small productions and work with special materials and fine , which must be followed more closely and monitored in all phases of construction . Externally they are diverted various productions where the criteria of industrialization are now stable and confirmed by time . All our external groups both of preparation that assembly are controlled by a corporate figure both as regards the qualitative aspect that for the advancement productive , also the same person periodically checks the regularity of the groups tax , legal aspects and mainly the human resources used, and from a professional point of view that regularity .

A major goal of our company is to ensure the various customers the certainty of the “real ” Made in Italy that unfortunately in the past and even today is often not be such This sector currently is followed only on a trial basis , although an investment for the product in the coming years will be crucial , this will allow the company to create its own image with expansion of commercial and territorial . All this by prioritizing and protecting forever the various products for our current and future customers for whom we will remain key partners .