The company and its role as a “service” for customers who need even one supporting character style, materials research amd mainly produce models and collections

Semple production

Maison Gabriel is able to give complete service to its customers for the development of samples

Valuable manufacturing

A staff of professionals fully dedicated to the research and manufacture of special materials and precious

Big and small productions

Continuos research and development, precision and meeteng deadlines, a manual finishing craftmanship

Models implementation

Deep knowledge forty traditional Florentine leather goods

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Coming to see us is very simple, we are very near the A1 highway exit Incisa-Reggello

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    Address: Via Pian di Rona 128/B – 50066 – Reggello (FI)

    Gabriel Srl: P. IVA 06743680487

    Phone: +39 055 866 2064

    Mobile: +39 331 985 0019




    +39 055 866 2064

    Via Pian di Rona 128/B – 50066 – Reggello (FI)