The workforce of our company currently has exceeded 20 units and the led the workforce exceeds 100.
The machinery inside the company are all of the latest generation and in line with international guidelines on safety for both the environment and the safety of employees. The actual surface of the structure is over 1000 square meters. But thanks to a choice weighted logistics will be possible expansion of current spaces of more than 100%. We constantly invest in research and development and training of our resources.


Thanks to the growth recorded in recent years we have enhanced both the structural and the part related to human resources with the inclusion of professionals with a high level of both the operational and managerial . Within our staff we already expected these professionals to handle important customers direct sales network in Italy and abroad , of course forgetting the numerous business relationships with major showrooms dedicated specifically to the world market of leather goods. Gabriel we did here in the excellence of our products as our best business card and choices managment planned the certain road to the future